Leaves of Autmn Kurta Set
Leaves of Autmn Kurta Set
Leaves of Autmn Kurta Set
Orange & Black Kurta Set


For most people, one of the greatest joys in being an Indian - is in the incredible cultural integration of art and clothing we have in our country, that brings together the best of both worlds for wearers to enjoy. 

While our traditions dictate ethnic wear in different forms, we also recognise the modern Indian who is no longer defined by a specific geography or culture but rather, is a contemporary amalgamation of all things global, rooted in the beauty of all that India is, in their blood - and Chunri Ethnic Wear, is for everyone who resonates with and recognises this description, as their own. 

Begun by a first generation entrepreneur as a boutique over three decades ago, Chunri is today an effervescent, ever-evolving brand that is founded on principle of consistently making unique, one of a kind pieces that bring together fabric, styles and work from all over the country, making a lasting positive change in how we all see our own unique styles - because your #chunri is and will always be uniquely yours. 

With hundreds of happy clients served over the years, Chunri Ethnic Wear continues to strive to make custom garments, accessories and products that reflect the user in all their glory and the unparalleled craft of the makers. 
Carrying forward the tradition and pride of a home-grown brand that soars the skies of possibilities and innovation in design and style... the very least you can expect from an all-women brand!


Each of our products is unique curated and handcrafted to perfection, to facilitate the experience of exclusivity. We believe, that what you wear should have a piece of you in it, and thus accommodate customizations of all kinds.


Indigo Cushion covers
Cobalt & Jade Kurta Set
Sky Blue Gota Work Dupatta

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From the first needle threaded to the first thread woven; The first stroke of a pencil to the final idea that materializes for our patrons to take home, hours of brainstorming, followed by handcrafted inticate work goes behind every piece you cherish at Chunri.


We pride ourselves in being the curators of designs that are unique, classy and evergreen, inspired by Indian cultures & traditions from across the country, We believe that each individual carries their own unique identity with them, just like every single piece at our store. Your Chunri can never look like my Chunri, and thus no two pieces are identical here. 

This is why we provide to all our clients a range of customization opportunities which allow for activities that spread from the smallest alterations to full fledged product creation that can be specified to our artisans and conceptualized with our team of designers, based on

YOUR requirement.

From combinations of different materials and handiwork from across the country to your favourite accessories, if you consider looking elsewhere for your customisations from now on, let us know and we'll get better at what we do!



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