Ethnic | Exquisite | Exclusive 


Picture this: 

You are driving to work, or are at a party, or maybe just picking up essentials for the house. A lady stops to compliment you and ask you where you got your outfit from, and you turn to say "Chunri, I got it from Chunri Ethnicwear." A few months later, you spot a woman at your favourite restaurant, now you really like how gorgeous her outfit is, you go up to ask her, where she picked up the outfit from, and she says, "Well there is this ethnic store, Chunri, its called Chunri Ethnicwear." and that is what we essentially are. A curator of designs that are unique, classy and evergreen, inspired by Indian cultures & traditions with an aim to make each woman look her absolute best.

Our Journey:

The conception of Chunri began 34 years ago in the city of Lucknow by an enterprising and dynamic young women. At the age of 21, our founder discovered her true passion and channelized her creativity into building this organization. Ever since she has been recognized for her unique & ethnic style. With a vision of preserving India's cultures, tradition & craftsmanship, and dressing all individuals distinctively, she strives for perfection which reflects in each design at Chunri.

Each of our products is unique curated and handcrafted to perfection, to facilitate the experience of exclusivity. We believe, that what you wear should have a piece of you in it, and thus accommodate customizations of all kinds. Unique, beautiful and exquisite, just like you, a Chunri product is one of a kind.

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